Stressmap – a dialogue game for IDA the association for engineers

But what is stress?

Do we all have the same interpretation of the concept and how do you resolve stress?

These are complex questions, that don’t have an unambiguous answer, as we are all different and not two worksites are the same. Therefore, IDA can offer to lend the dialogue game, Stressmap, to the members, which can be used to give IDA’s members, and their colleagues, new tools in their workspace to understand and manage stress.

The purpose of the game is to give a clarification, so one knows what it means, when the workspace has to treat stress. Stressmap in IDA, for instance, can be used in a club board of administration before a meeting concerning stress with the management, amongst the group of employee representatives, or along with consultants of the personnel office, to work towards a common understanding of the way to corporate wellbeing.

Stressmap is divided into 3 sections

The first section concerns the understanding of stress. Here, the work is focused on what characterises a stressed individual.

The second section is focused on finding the cause of stress, as well as finding a way through actual actions, to improve the conditions for better prosperity.

The third section is about defining which initiatives that can be implemented in the personal workspaces of the members. This originates in four levels of initiatives: the personal level, team-level, level of management, and the level of organisation. These initiatives can be permanent changes, temporary changes, or working with resilience.

Practical Information
IDA ensures, that the members receive the game by post. A manual comes with the game as well as an instructional video, and it is intuitive. If all games should be lent out, the members will receive a message, which states this, and when they can expect to have it.

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