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Make people feedback easy | Increases well-being, reduce strain and increases the level of feedback competence of employees | The tool is ideal for companies that wants to motivate and engage for reflection, action and commitment from both individuals and groups.



Stressmap prevents stress, and increases the level of competence of the employees, in order to give them more knowledge as to what creates better wellbeing. Moreover, the game enhances the employees’ resilience towards stress. The game is designed for companies, which want to motivate reflection, action and engagement within the individual as well as group.

Stressmap is an IP protected board game about work-related stress. The game is developed by Jesper Bang-Olsen (Cand.merc /EMP Insead) and Carten Thomas Hansen (cand.psych), in coalition with Doctor Dr. Med. Bo Netterstrøm. The game discusses job satisfaction vs. the aims of the company, and gives the employees an understanding of:
“What causes stress and what relieves stress, in the place of employment”.


Stressmap @ IDA

IDA offer to lend the dialogue game, Stressmap, to the members, which can be used to give IDA’s members, and their colleagues, new tools in their workspace to understand and manage stress.


Early warning through gaming

It may come as a chock, when an employee goes on medical leave due to stress. The manager may not have seen it coming, and with reason, because the employee who is reported sick has done everything to handle it on their own.

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Stressmap & Train the Trainer

Stressmap offers licensing to partners, which is actually a certification to run Stressmap in the company.

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