About Stressmap®

Stress and corporate wellbeing are issues – and are definitely on the agenda as some of the world’s most serious health issues.

Stressmap builds capabilities
The problem is that managing of stress is often focused on the individual treatment options.
GROUP DYNAMIQUE is overlooked and the stressed person may seem to be alone with the problem.
THE WORKPLACE often steps in after stress has developed, and primarily on an extern level with individual psychological helps.
THE MANAGEMENT is often appointed as the main cause of work-related stress and often lacks tools to prevent it.
DIALOGUE AND KNOWLEDGE of stress often happens after the problem, but not before!
MASSIVE personal and business economics complications arise in the wake of an employee getting sick due to stress.

Stressmap solve these complications!

The game is developed in 2015 by Jesper Bang-Olsen (Cand.merc /EMP Insead) and Carten Thomas Hansen (cand.psych), in coalition with Doctor Dr. Med. Bo Netterstrøm. Stressmap discusses wellbeing vs. the aims of the company and moreover, gives the employees an understanding of: “What causes stress and what rectifies stress in the workplace”. Stressmap is run today by Carsten Thomas Hansen.

In a comfortable environment, the employees and management can play to gain knowledge about work-related stress. The stimulation is in a virtual universe, with actual stories about people and employees that suffer from work-related stress.

• Stressmap is prevention, management and development at the same time!
• Stressmap gives an insight to which working environment factors that may cause stress.
• Stressmap gives an insight as to which personal characteristics, may relate to stress.
• Stressmap gives insight into what effect work environment factors may have on specific, personal characteristics that affect the employee and their handling of stress.
• Stressmap gives insight in which fundamental initiatives that a group or individual, in a certain work-context defined for specific work environment factors, can take in relation to their working environment.

The table below shows more about our different implementation models. Contact us for further inquiries about what fits your needs.