Certified in Stressmap?

Stressmap offers licensing to partners, which is actually a certification to run Stressmap in the company. The model is a system of implementation of the concepts that Stressmap produce and the technology that is used to apply the game in organisations. The model is based on close and permanent collaboration between the companies and Stressmap.



Example of a procedure for a company, where the company appoints a key figure, a project leader, who will be certified in Stressmap.

• Establishment and organization of one kick-off seminar in the leader group, facilitated by Stressmap. This is specified as preparation and handling of a 3-hour kick-off session, where the time is chosen by the company where the Stressmap team hold a lecture about stress at the worksite and go though the game as support for the course of the game and the manager’s handling of work-related stress.
• Implementation of one “train the trainer” concept, where the company’s project manager can perform games/workshops as well as dialogic meetings within the company. The “train the trainer” concept will include an issue of the training manual as well as training in the execution of the game.
• Establishment and setting up of the game is a model for workshop sessions, where the company’s project manager can hold workshops for the employees of about x*20 people. Stressmap supplies coaching in the game processing and support on the first of the workshops, which are being held.
• 4 games, including licenses, licenses that will first be covered in the period of contract of about a year, and allow unlimited utilization within the company. These licenses include production of 2 Stressmap games with the logo of the company integrated, as well as gamin pieces, instructional video and printed manuals.
• Establishment of 2 tailored stories for the company, where Stressmap writes the story based on interviews and input from the company’s project manager.


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